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Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate LMO stands out, with their fast and efficient commercial transactions. Their head office is situated in the Monteregie on the south shore of Montreal.

L'expert immobilier LMO is a development company that pride themselves on respectful acquisitions.Their growth strategy is aimed at the whole province and are committed to give the best personalized high quality service.

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Commercial real estate brokerage: a universe in itself.

The authorized commercial broker will take you through the acquisition,
the sell or the rental of commercial spaces like warehouses,
office space,commercial building or industrial and or commercial lands.

While you keep business as usual, your broker will take care of :

  • Market analysis ( competitors,strategic location, rental polities, etc.);
  • Finding the best offers for your rentals or listings;
  • Finding the best available commercial spaces to fit your needs;
  • Helps you determine the best price for you;
  • Will be available to you throughout the whole process and beyond.

Differences between residential real estate brokerage
and commercial real estate brokerage.

Here are some of the differences between the two types of brokerage.
However, they are both summited to the same requirements and brokerage laws.

Mandatory forms recommended by the AOCIQ | Real estate expert LMO

Mandatory forms recommended by the AOCIQ.

As opposed to residential, commercial and industrial buildings (like building with more then five housing) the brokers have the freedom to use their own form although the AOCIQ created recommended forms for them to use if they wish.

However, regulations are in place to include some importante informations to the brokerage contract or transaction proposition, such as your broker s method of retribution, both buyer s and seller s information, the property s information and the selling price and conditions.

Promise to buy

In residential real estate, regulations are in place to protect the buyer and in certain cases gives them the choice to cancel their promise to buy.In commercial real estate, the buyer benefits from a ''do diligence'' period that makes it easier to cancel their promise to buy.This period is meant for the buyer to make verifications and inspections like zoning rights, inquiring balance sheets or environmental inspections. Finally the buyer could cancel the promise to buy if they are not satisfied.

Promise to buy cancelation | Real estate expert LMO
Visite de l’immeuble | Immobilier Commercial | LMO


In residential real estate, the interior is an important factor for buyers, so they usually wants to visit the property before filling in promise to buy form.

In commercial real estate, the factor that determine the sell is more the investment,so visiting is usually conditional to the seller accepting the promise to buy.Both parties agree to the terms of the sale and the price and then a visit is planned.This insures not to disturbs the tenants to often.

Information and
duty collaborate

A real estate broker is due to collaborate with other broker that demands it. They have to relay the pertinent information regarding the sell to the other broker as soon as possible. However, in commercial real estate, if a client doesn't t want their business information getting to their competition, they could ask for a confidentiality agreement to be singed before divulging their business information. This agreement will insure the protection of the seller s information and do not go against deontology s obligations.

Information et devoir de collaboration | Immobilier Commercial | LMO
Mise en vente | Immobilier Commercial | LMO

Putting your property up for sale

In residential brokers usually proceed by putting the listing on website,newspaper or with a "For Sale" sign. In commercial and industrial real estate, brokers will proceed with a call for proposals.The same goes for the brokerage contract: the commercial sector of real estate favours sale pitches and calls for candidates

Your transaction
under protection:

Real estate broker are obligated to see to your best interest weather it is for your residential or commercial transactions.When you work with a real estate agent, you have access to the information centre of the OACIQ and could require their assistance when you need it.

Both residential and commercial are working under the real estate brokerage Act and They have to comply with the standards put in place by l Organisme d autoreglementation du courtage immobilier du Quebec, (OACIQ).

Une transaction sous le signe de la protection | Immobilier Commercial | LMO
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