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It is with great pleasure that all members of Real estate expert LMO will assist you with any real estate projects you may have wether is it to sell or buy your dream home.

Our team's knowledge in real estate never cease to grow as they are enrolled regularly in numerous classes to insure the best customer experience possible in an safe and professional environment. Not matter what you need our help with be it a condo, a house, a secondary residence, a rental, a business, an office, a mall or a multiplex situated in Montreal, Montérégie, Laval or their surroundings, we are always available to help and guide you with your real estate needs.

All aspects surrounding buying or selling a property can be complicated and considering that this transaction will have a big effect on your finances , every decisions should not be taken lightly. The expertise and advices from Real estate expert LMO are essential to make sure you have the answers you need to make the right decisions. Even if you have not thought of the questions yet ,we can find the answers.

Our job is to insure you make the right decisions knowing all the facts ,guide you and support you from the beginning til the very end of this wonderful real estate adventure!


What we offer is :

  • A reliable service with an experienced team of professionals seven days a week.
  • Support and guidance throughout the whole process of buying or selling your home from A to Z. Our agents are always available to you for advice.
  • Free home evaluation with a complete local market study.
  • Residential real estate support .
  • Commercial real estate support.
  • Professional listings
  • ( professional photographer ,building inspector , mortgage broker )
  • Extended web contact network. ( Kijiji, LesPacs, Centris, MLS, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.)
  • Our services are offer in French, English and Spanish.
Real estate expert LMO
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